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Failing to plan is planning to fail.


Want An Ideal Marriage ceremony? Read More!

As an example, why not try a fusion menu with contemporary dishes that everyone enjoys? Change it up by including ethnic desserts, drinks, or any other foods that are being served. If you have an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a plan B in case it rains or there are other unforeseen conditions. You can rent some large tents, or book a outdoor venue that includes a hall that is available in case of bad weather. You can put boards on the ground, which will help your guests keep their shoes clean when they walk over a muddy area. No matter what role you are playing in the preparation of a wedding, the entire process is often very complicated, and a million things can possibly go wrong. You have a lot of options when it comes to planning a wedding. Read on for some advice about what to do to make it truly memorable. Don’t rent a reception venue that has little room for dancing. There is little worse than a crammed dance floor, so make sure to move tables and chairs prior to grooving!

Your friends and family will have many well-intended suggestions, and some may be quite good; however, in the long run, your decisions must win out. Be kind and loving if you have to reject your extended family’s suggestions, but don’t let them dominate or manipulate you. Firmly assert that you (and of course your partner too) have the final say when it comes to your wedding plans. You’ll be able to remember your wedding day and say that it was everything you wanted it to be! Choose wedding decorations that reflect your personality and that of your partner. Your decorations should also help tell the story of your relationship with the person. Pick a theme that relates to who you are as a couple!

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