Rapid Content Wizard Review – Content Creation at its Best So Far

When you think of content creation from scratch, the heart can really sink – especially in case you have a huge requirement to fulfill. The Rapid Content Wizard, which is the creation of Sean Donahoe and Alan Brown, is one of the latest software apps to hit the market and promises to take original content generation to new levels for users. This Rapid Content Wizard Review allows you to find out for yourself whether or not this application actually helps you generate the type of content that you would like.


To be fair to the Rapid Content Wizard, the app has a smooth performance and can provide you with seamless functionality at all stages of content creation. The software works on the technique of Content Fusion, or gathering content snippets from varied sources and placing them in an orderly fashion to create an article. The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter, two article spinners integrated into the app, spin the resulting article to make it 100% unique and free of plagiarism issues.


Based on your choice, the finished articles are then integrated with YouTube videos, Infographics, Flickr photos and Amazon and ClickBank products to make for richer content creation. There is a CopyScape integration that lets you check whether or not the articles are free of plagiarism issues; the app gives 80-100% original content. There are many third party tools and the ability to make bulk content. There are robust content marketing boosters to promote your articles as soon as they are posted. You can submit your login information for WordPress and Facebook and let the app post your created content on your blogs and websites hosted on WordPress and FB profile page. There is a user-friendly drag and drop interface and customized slider controls which provide you with greater control over the content that you create.


The application is not able to offer you complete ability for content creation, considering the fact that you have to make some editing of your own to make the final content readable, all the paragraphs arranged in a logical manner and giving it the fine-tuning that you would want. The app does not come with an efficient support as of now, and you will need to wait for 3-4 days to get your technical and other queries answered which can be a frustrating experience for you.

Final Word

This Rapid Content Wizard Review gives thumbs up to this application, notwithstanding the drawbacks that it comes with. This is due to one simple reason – it assists writers to a large extent and makes the process of content creation by a large extent. You will be able to use the app to create bulk articles without any limitations in terms of charges or functional restrictions of the app. And alongside generation of new and bulk content, you will also be able to avail powerful campaign managers and content boosters to promote the posts that you publish on your blog and website. The app seems a win-win solution for buyers.


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